Commercial Services

Government Offices

Allow us to provide a solution for your executive boardroom, conference room, training facilities and meeting spaces that drive business.

A fully integrated audio/video system allows you to increase the effectiveness and impact of meetings and presentations, whether face to face or in video and audio conferences with clients, vendors and employees anywhere in the world.

Innovative audio, video, HD video conferencing & one touch controls (including iPad) make communication and collaboration easy!

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Commercial Security

Modern solutions for commercial properties keep you connected, even when you can’t be there. Some of things you can do with features designed especially for businesses.

  • Ensure your business opens on time
  • Deter burglary and vandalism
  • Remotely monitor your property, even during off-business hours
  • See who’s accessing the cash register, loading dock or supply room
  • Be notified if personnel fail to arm or disarm your security system
  • Record events such as unauthorized visits
  • Monitor the temperatures in server rooms and freezers
  • Receive alerts about power outages
  • Review searchable history log of activity at your property

We now offer a revolutionary wireless service that enables you to always know what’s going on at your business. These Cellular based systems do not require phone lines or internet service. They are not vulnerable to any type of wire cutting. These systems feature tamper resistant “Crash and Smash” protection insuring that even if the system is destroyed, the alarm will get through. Combine this with optional two-way emergency voice and you will quickly realize that we offer so much more than “just security”.

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Educational Facilities

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Our security cameras are installed with a permanent fixed view of important areas. These video cameras are "on" all the time and they are broadcasting their image across the internet to very secure machines that we maintain. These videos are always available for viewing from many devices such as your smart phone. Additionally, when something happens (a door opening, a schedule, a code entered, motion, etc.), the image and the moments immediately before the event are stored as video clips for retrieval at your convenience. These are termed "Pre-Event" and are invaluable in reconstructing what happened. Watch the 2 minute video below to seee a few examples on how a camera system can work for you.

 Not just any camera is suited for a specific purpose (inside/outside, dim light, no light), and the camera selected must be electronically identified and matched to work within the system. This means that not just any camera will work.

While there are pan and tilt versions that can be controlled remotely, most of the time you will be retrieving images of previous events. For that purpose, a fixed camera that has the best view of the likely subject is best. For exterior views, night vision cameras that generate their own light source are available.

Within the system, the cameras are always collecting images in real time and sending them to the servers. When an event is triggered by an open door, motion, a scheduled time, or some combination of each the server starts a "pre- event" recording that retrieves the images from immediately before the event and combines them with the real time images to create a video clip for storage and retrieval.

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